My first experience with coding was at age five, copying BASIC code from a book into a Commodore 64 terminal (my first computer) in the early 90s. ​To be fair, it didn’t run, but it interested me in learning more about coding.

My first truly useful programs were written in my high school years, at Xenia High School. There, I became a competent programmer in the Visual Basic programming language.​ While there, I began to work on projects of my own at home. My first compete application, SBWin (originally called SMD BIN WIN) gained popularity because, at the time (and maybe even to this day) it was the first and only graphical application to convert SMD (Super Magic Drive) files. Eventually, it was downloaded hundreds of thousands of times across the world (googling “ROM Converter”, without quotes will even show websites mentioning it.) I believe it is the most widely used converter for SMD files.

Some users of SBWin across the web:

YouTube Channel Modern Classic uses SBWin to fix files in order to complete his review of the “AtGames Sega Genesis Ultimate Portable Game Player” mentions SBWin in an article about MD files“ mentions SBWin in an article about opening MD files in the sectiOpenand Convert SEGA Genesis/Mega Drive ROM Files” section.SEGA Genesis/Mega Drive ROM Files”

I’ve always been interested in creating something non-existent to make life easier for everyone. .

I am currently competent in a variety of computer technologies and languages including: C#, VB.NET, CSS, HTML, JSON, JSON Schema, MYSQL, Linux, Windows, JavaScript PHP, and Laravel, just to name some.

Some of my projects are listed below:

Manatee JSON 

I am a contributor to the Greg Dennis’ open source project Manatee JSON, one of the only free Microsoft .NET JSON libraries supporting JSON Schema:http://

IPS Peek

I am the developer of IPS Peek, an open source IPS Patch explorer for Microsoft Windows: